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Placing an order: I put an original painting in my cart — but it disappeared before I could complete the transaction. What happened?

Placing an original painting in the cart does not reserve the painting.

If another collector/shopper completes the purchase of the same painting before you do — you will be informed that the item is no longer available when you return to the transaction. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

This does not apply to the purchase of prints.

You will be reminded about items left in your cart via text and email after one hour if you have not completed your transaction. Thank you for your understanding.

What if I need a large order of prints for my business?

Discounts are available for large orders of prints. Price breaks start at a quantity of 10 of the exact same print. Please contact us here to inquire and we will get a quote from our supplier that matches your needs.

What is a Gallery-Wrapped Canvas?

Gallery-Wrapped means that the wooden stretcher-bars are an industry-standard minimum of 1.5” (4cm) thick (rather than the .5” thickness of cheaper canvasses). Stretcher-bars refers to the support frame behind the canvas, that the canvas is stapled to.

What is a Convexo, curved-edge Canvas?

Convexo curved-edge canvasses are seamlessly mounted over a machine-carved high-density fiberboard (HDF). The canvas has no folds or wrinkles on the front or edges — so it is perfectly smooth over the beautifully, curved-edges, and the HDF is 1.25” (3cm) thick. Only one company in the world makes these special canvasses and their product name is ‘Convexo.’ We have partnered with this company to create our prints on the exact same frame as our original paintings. Since there is only one place in the world to get these special prints made — there is some extra time involved in the creation and shipping of Convexo prints.

What is the difference between original paintings and Giclée prints?

Only one hand-painted, original version of each painting exists, while multiple renditions and sizes of either Fine Art Textured Paper Prints or Canvas Prints can be ordered.

Originals are created with professional-grade products, which may include acrylic paints, archival inks, alcohol inks, texture pastes or other mediums (each painting’s product page clearly outlines the materials used). Giclée prints are created with genuine archival pigment inks that are gallery quality and have a long lifespan (see Giclée prints below).

Gallery-wrapped original canvasses have the painting continuing over the edges onto the sides of the canvas, while Canvas Prints have either solid white or solid black sides. All paper giclée prints have an extra 2” of white border beyond the image on each side (ie. A 12” x 12” paper print is printed on 16” x 16” paper).

Originals on Convexo canvasses are painted over the curved edge. Prints of the same canvas are cropped-in slightly to provide a flat surface for clean reproduction (scanning or photographing the flat area of the painting — not the curved edge to avoid warping of the image on the final print). On product pages where this occurs, we have shown a simulated photo of the print (that shows the re-cropping of the image).

Originals may have 3D texture, and vary in degree of shine depending upon mediums used. Prints do not have 3D texture and are high-quality Giclée-printed reproductions. Foiled portions of a painting that have paint on them, or are directly on a texture, will be photographically replicated on a print.

What are Giclée prints and what makes them different?

Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) is a French word meaning 'to spray.' Giclée are very high-quality fine art prints created from a high-resolution digital file. The image is printed by applying millions of microscopic ink droplets directly to the canvas or paper. This technique allows for the sharpest details and replication of depth and tone. It portrays a wide range of vibrant colours, while the printed dot pattern typically visible in a poster or a canvas transfer is eliminated completely.

Our Giclée prints are gloss gallery quality and are equal to the Giclée prints of contemporary artists found in major gallery and museum collections around the world. Our Giclées are not only vivid, detailed and accurate prints, but are also durable and fully archivable artworks. Our inks are also ‘green’ and have minimal VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and are independently tested to archive in-excess of 50 years making the Giclée an excellent choice for any fine art collector.

Can I get different sized Giclée prints than those offered on the product page?

To keep costs down with our supplier we have pre-chosen a set of sizes that we feel work best with each original. Convexo Canvas Prints have only set sizes (no custom sizes available). If you have very specific size needs, feel free to contact us here and we will see if we can accommodate your request. Thank you.

What materials are Giclée prints printed on?

Currently we are offering Giclée prints on thick cotton canvas — either Gallery-wrapped or Convexo frames (see above), and Fine Art Textured Paper. Fine Art textured Paper is a heavy-weight, cold-pressed paper that has a natural white finish with a coarse structured surface equivalent to traditional watercolour paper. Prints on this paper feature fine detail, vivid colours and deep blacks. All paper giclées have an extra 2” of white border beyond the image on each side (ie. A 12” x 12” paper print is printed on 16” x 16” paper). Each product page clearly shows the options for each painting. We may offer other substrates / surfaces in the future.

Care instructions for original paintings and prints:

While original artworks and prints are durable and have been treated with sealants and UV protection, it is important to respectfully care for them. Avoid handling the surfaces of the canvas or print with bare hands — please use gloves (skin oils can damage finishes). Clean gently with a dry, lint-free cloth only. While acrylic mediums and Giclée archival inks have inherent UV resistance and longevity, and archival protection layers have been applied — please do not subject artwork to direct sunlight, liquid or very high humidity, temperatures below 4° Celsius (39° Fahrenheit), or other extreme conditions to avoid fading and degradation of mediums. If framing, use UV protected glass or Plexiglass and acid-free archival materials for all mattboards, mounting, backing and spacers.

What are Commissioned paintings & how do I get one?

We can create custom abstract paintings — just for you.

You choose a style of painting from one of our series approaches (click here).

We will work closely with you to determine a custom colour palette, the style of canvas, as well as the right size and shape that works in your home or business. Our process includes showing you the actual colours (time required to mail you samples), receiving good photos from you of the space the painting will occupy, discussing your likes and dislikes, and the energy/feeling you want the final painting to convey. We may also show you the painting at different stages of the process if the style of painting allows. You may prefer less interaction during the process, and that’s fine too. You decide. Contact us here about the creation of a custom work of art.

What is the price of a Commissioned painting?

Each commission is quoted upon request since size, medium and option variables are too vast to create a fixed price list ahead of time. The price of the commission will be quoted in two ways: Exclusive and Open-option. Exclusive means that you own the exclusive rights to the original painting and we will never sell copies of the paintings as prints or in any other form to anyone else — ever. This method is more expensive than the Open-option. With the Exclusive option we still retain the rights to show and post about your commissioned work in our social media channels and on our website as a sold and unavailable painting — respecting your privacy at all times.

An Open-option Commission means that you own the original painting — but we retain the right to sell Giclée canvas or paper prints, or any other form of replication of your original painting that we see fit. This method is less expensive than the Exclusive option. We retain the rights to show and share your commissioned work in our social media channels and on our website as a sold and unavailable original, but with prints and other options available to the public.

How long will it take to receive a Commissioned painting?

Commissions are available as scheduling allows — meaning they will be scheduled in the order received. You will be advised as to the approximate completion time when discussing the special order. The final completion time will depend on our schedule when you place the order.  

Shipping: How does the 5% Shipping Rebate work?

We know that shipping costs can be high. To make it easier, we give you a Shipping Rebate of 5% off the total value of your order (calculated on the product(s) you are purchasing before taxes and shipping). This discount will be automatically applied to your order at checkout. (5% Rebate example: A $2,000 painting will receive a $100 Shipping Rebate regardless of the cost of your shipping).

Shipping: What are bay6 creative’s Shipping Policies?

We offer shipping within Canada, North America and Worldwide to most destinations. If a particularly large painting cannot be delivered to your location (ie. Some remote destinations cannot accommodate boxes over a certain size) you will be notified in your cart.

Shipping prices vary widely depending upon the destination, the speed of shipping that you choose, and the size of the shipment. Shipping price and delivery speed is chosen by the purchaser at checkout.

Shipping prices will be given at checkout or can be quoted for all items and is payable by the purchaser (minus the above-mentioned Shipping Rebate).
Click here for a quote if shipping prices do not appear in your cart.

Please click here to see our full shipping policies.

Shipping: How long does it take to receive my order once placed?

Once your order is placed, 2 to 4 weeks is the expected delivery time for existing original paintings (shipping within 2 to 5 business days), and 4 to 6 weeks is the expected delivery time for custom ordered prints (read “What is a Convexo, curved-edge Canvas?” above to see why). Commissions take longer as first the painting must be created (see the Commissions questions above).

Shipping: I’m ordering multiple items can they be packaged together to reduce shipping charges?

Original paintings and the smallest prints (ie. 12” x 12” or 12” x 8") ship from Canada. All other prints ship from the United States. If you are ordering one original and one larger print they must ship separately. If you are ordering 2 or more original paintings, or one original and one of the smallest prints please contact us so that we may determine if your order will fit in less boxes. Likewise please contact us if you are ordering multiple larger prints and we will check with our supplier if the shipment can be combined.

What if my painting or print arrives damaged?

We guarantee that your original painting or print is free from defect or damage before shipped. All artwork is packaged by professional art handlers and shipped via reputable freight carriers. In the rare event that damage occurs during shipping, we will do our best to repair or replace your painting or print, respectively. Please review our full Refund Policy here.

What if I don’t like the product that I receive?

We certainly hope that this is never the case — but if it does happen — we will work with you to rectify the situation. That’s why your purchase includes our 10-Day Money-Back Guarantee Please review our full Refund Policy here.

Emails: What sort of information will the bay6 creative newsletter contain and how often will I receive an email?

You will receive a welcome email when you first sign-up for the newsletter service. After that we will only email you when there is something new to share. The launch of a new series or painting. A special event or upcoming exhibition. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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