Graphic Design & Marketing

We live and breathe art and design.

Designing since 1984 — always staying current. We work with large and small companies in the arts & culture community and in most business sectors. Print, digital, website design (UX), promotional items, online trade show elements and all channels of social media. We can help create your marketing plan and design everything you need to fulfill it. Reach your clients with us today.

Brands are power

One of the most important things you will ever do for your company or product is the creation of a strong and meaningful brand. When done properly, the carefully curated standards then dictate everything else you develop and present to the world.

Sue and Tim have a combined 66 years of brand development. It's one of our passions to portray visual manifestations of your business in a way that connects with you and your target audience.

  • bay6 creative design examples for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (book cover and two ads)

    Full Marketing

    Whether it's rolling out a theme for a season, or a brand across all of your marketing material, packaging, signage and online presence (UX) — we specialize in making you look your best and helping you speak directly to your audience.

  • bay6 creative design of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center logo shown on a mock-up with an illustrated military figure


    Our proprietary design evaluation and discovery system allows us to fully understand your vision, speak the same language and create an actionable and achievable target. Powerful branding sets the tone for all other aspects of your business. Start here.

  • bay6 creative photo showing page layouts designed for an annual report

    Annual Reports

    bay6 creative specializes in annual reports, having completed dozens of them over the years. Very specific skills are required to portray the heart of the business through stories, strong infographics and concise financials. It's in the bag.

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